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At Sauvage, we have a deep respect for the immense beauty of the little things. We believe in preserving the unique details of the wild and showcasing them in our artisan-made jewelry. Every piece we create tells a story, capturing the essence of nature and the spirit of adventure. Discover the beauty of handcrafted jewelry and be a part of something meaningful. Every season has something new to offer, and we can't wait to share it with you.





My mission,
my values.

The one behind the brand.

Biography and vision

Amazed by nature and passionate about adventure, I am a jewelry designer who draws inspiration from the wonders of the forest. Each piece I create is not only imbued with the energy of this majestic beauty, but contains a precious fragment of the nature that surrounds me.

Each piece of jewelry tells a story , that of the forest, its mysteries and its splendor.

My pieces go beyond aesthetics; they demonstrate a commitment to our Quebec forest heritage. The choice to immortalize the latter in jewelry allows me to proudly wear my creations, loudly affirming my love for Quebec nature, while preserving it for future generations.


Through my unique creations, I seek to capture the very essence of the forest and share it with the world.

Fragile Pampas

and protection

` We love what we know and we protect what we love`

This famous quote perfectly sums up the relationship between knowledge and attachment. When we are familiar with something or someone, we develop a strong emotional connection. It is this bond that drives us to care for and defend what we hold dear. Whether it’s a place, a person, or an idea, our preservation instinct is triggered when we feel this deep love. Ultimately, it is this cycle of love and protection that nourishes our relationships and gives meaning to our commitment to what truly matters in our lives.

Sauvage jewelry made from natural elements of the Quebec forest, such as lichen, forest moss and plants, embody an authentic connection with the beauty and richness of our environment. By choosing these unique pieces, you are not only acquiring jewelry, but also a fragment of the nature that surrounds you. By loving and protecting Sauvage jewelry, you participate in the preservation of our natural heritage. Your loyalty to our brand goes beyond aesthetics; it demonstrates a commitment to the preservation of our planet. By wearing our creations, you too can affirm your love for Quebec nature!

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